Universal Everything  ⁄  Type Moving Image
180 The Strand


London, UK
Discover characterful digital lifeforms in UE’s biggest UK solo show to date

Live Forever

London, UK
Lenticular artworks, creating moving images without energy

Maison Autonome

London, UK
A generative fashion show
Hyundai Motorstudio

🌊 Ocean

Jakarta, Indonesia
An abstract representation of the recycling of ocean plastic
Hyundai Motorstudio

Run Forever

A video artwork visualising hydrogen mobility

➡️ Infinity

An endless video artwork

Transfiguration (2020)

An ever-evolving walking figure

🌱 Nature Always Wins

Our cities, reclaimed by nature


A study of human behaviour on a mass scale

👌 Walking City

Architecture + evolution + movement

Screens of the Future series

Future display prototypes

🌿 Tetrachromia

Seeing nature through the eyes of a bird
Simon Pyke

Spatial, Ornamental, Tribal, Colossal albums

Simon Pyke's music, curated and visualised
Unit Editions

👀 Friends

2000 unique book covers

👤 Machine Learning

When will machines achieve human agility?

↔ Smart Matter

Futurist film series exploring human-machine collaboration
Jeffrey Brodsky

🦅 I’ll Be Strong

Los Angeles
Visualising nature's struggle through intense weather
La Gaîté Lyrique

🔥 The Transfiguration (2011)

An ever-changing organic costume
Hyundai Motor

🏃‍♂️ Hyundai Running Man

Seoul, New York, London
An infinite film loop about evolution, engineering and design


Peak District, UK
A subtle story in a vast landscape

💨 Supreme Believers

A dance performance inside a CGI hurricane
The Science Museum


Motion-captured life-size video artworks